If Vidnyanvahini's MSL project appeals to you, we welcome you to participate! If possible, we encourage you to visit a school with the MSL if you are in Pune. Some possible ways you could contribute to this project are:
(1) by providing kits of novel scientific experiments,
(2) by providing appropriate audio-visual aids, or
(3) by donating to the corpus fund of Vidnyanvahini which sustains our work.
The interest from the corpus fund mostly supports the annual operating costs. Donations in India are eligible for deduction under Sec. 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961 and checks payable to Vidnyanvahini may kindly be mailed to our contact address. In USA, they are tax-deductible under IRS Sec. 501(C)(3) if earmarked 'for Vidnyanvahini', made payable to India Development Service and mailed to:

Jagjit Jain.
Treasurer, IDS
1040 N Elmwood Ave.
Oak Park, IL 60302


If you would like to join Vidnyanvahini in the task of reducing the disparity in standard of science teaching between rural and urban schools, we invite you to join us as a volunteer. You could be an idealistic young man or a woman seeking to make a difference to the society, a mid-career professional wishing to offer his skills on a part-time basis or a retired person wanting to make a second career in a social cause. You should have basic educational qualifications in science or engineering and be passionate about teaching science. You need to be fluent in Marathi since that is the language of instruction in the schools that Vidnyanvahini visits. You should also be prepared to put up with some physical discomfort while travelling to or living in villages.

Vidnyanvahini offers only a token amount as honorarium to its volunteers mainly to cover out of pocket expenses such as travel within the city. Your true reward will be the joy on the faces of the school students when they successfully complete an experiment!

Vidnyanvahini also offers opportunities as externees to young persons from abroad seeking personal development through service in the social sector. Read more about scheme on Externship page.

To volunteer your services please write to Madhukar Deshpande ( or Sharad Godse (

"when the final day arrived I realized how much I had enjoyed my experience. Ultimately Vidnyanvahini took me into an entirely foreign culture and opened my eyes to the world I had not seen." - Kaustubh Deshpande, Edison, New Jersey, USA
read Kaustubh Deshpande's full report >>>

Contribute ideas

The task of bridging the gap in science teaching between rural and urban schools is stupendous and requires many hands and minds with vision and passion to assist in this work. While Vidnyanvahini has evolved a methodology based on live lectures assisted by audio-visual media and hands-on experiments, the need for innovation in this task is ever present. We look forward to new ideas from you on how this work could be carried out better and your suggestions on interesting experiments. We also welcome names of rural schools where you feel a visit of Vidnyanvahini’s mobile laboratory is useful. 


Laptop class in Mobile Science Lab (MSL) Mobile Science Lab (MSL) at Hivare bazaar Mobile Science Lab (MSL)