Computers have been installed at many rural schools in recent years. But these are rarely used for e-learning. The main reason for this is the paucity of computer-based learning resources in Marathi. With a view to address this deficiency Vidnyanvahini has published a number of PowerPoint presentations some of which are provided below for free download.

The presentations are mainly intended for use by teachers as an aid to teaching. The subjects covered would be evident from the file names. While they may be freely downloaded and shared for academic purposes, their commercial use is expressly forbidden.

The presentations can be run on any version of PowerPoint compatible with PowerPoint2003. Some of them contain embedded videos. Once you double click the icon the videos will run in any wmv-compatible player (for example Windows Media Player) in a separate window.

Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshows

  मराठी English Tags
1 अणुसंरचना आणि आवर्तसारिणी (3 MB) Atom & periodic table (2 MB) Nucleus, Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Orbits, Orbitals, Periodicity, Electron configuration
2 रक्ताभिसरण संस्था (9 MB) Blood circulation (9 MB)
3 कान (8 MB) The Ear (8 MB) Auditory canal, Ossicles, Eustachian tube, Cochlea
4 स्थितिक आणि धारा विद्युत (3 MB) -
5 उत्सर्जन संस्था (11 MB) -
6 डोळा (2 MB) -
7 मानवी चेता संस्था (10 MB) Nervous system (7 MB) Neurons, Neuroglia, Brain, Spinal cord, Electric impulse, Cerebrum, Medulla oblongata
8 न्युटनचे गतिविषयक नियम (1 MB) -
9 मानवी श्वसन (10 MB) Respiratory system (10 MB) Bronchiole, Alveoli, Inhalation, Exhalation
10 ऊती (14 MB) -